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Deconstruct Collective

We are a Seattle-based collective of artists and academics committed to intersectional analysis and peer review of cross-disciplinary performance. We interrogate and challenge the dominant--often white, cisgender, male--perspective of artistic production, which we believe limits critical and community debate and impairs the development of equity in the arts. 

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Seattle Weekly

Through deeply reported stories, stirring critiques, and insightful interviews, Seattle Weekly connects its readers to the doers, thinkers, businesses, and entertainers that shape this city and give it life. And we connect our readers to each other by acting as a platform for robust debates about the most important political, business and cultural stories of the moment.


The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times serves the Northwest with thoughtful, independent journalism that makes a difference. We’re a news media company dedicated to the highest standards of journalism. We cut through the clutter and provide readers with news and information that is timely, relevant and easy to access in every way they consume us.


Teaching Artist

I am a Teaching Artist & Editor for the TeenTix Press Corps Intensive. Through its Press Corps Intensive (PCI) program, TeenTix is fostering the next generation of Seattle arts critics. The program empowers teens to thoughtfully engage in the Seattle arts and performance scene. Through a series of workshops on arts criticism, the PCI prepares teens to enter the professional world of arts criticism.

South Seattle Emerald

The South Seattle Emerald’s mission is to amplify the authentic narratives of South Seattle.