Hi darlings!

Hope you had a lovely summer <3

I recently got to be a part of an artist residency at the newly opened Town Hall in Seattle. The residency was called Sow Queer and was organized by HATLO.

I had a really great time and met a lot of artists that I really look up to!

My friend Adrian and I did a performance called “Fruit4Fruit” exploring T4T relationships and intimacy. I will share more professional photos when they are all edited, but here is a sneak peak. Hoping to do more of this performance work in the future.



South Seattle Emerald

Hi darlings!

Here is my first piece for the South Seattle Emerald. I got the chance to chat with Simone Pin Productions and learn about their story. They are a woman of color-owned and operated burlesque company in Seattle. I feel honored to have been able to contribute to SSE, and write about a group of folks committed to developing a more equitable arts & performance community.



New piece for Rad Power Bikes

Hello darlings,

I recently wrote a piece for the Rad Power Bikes blog! I got to interview a very kind, community-focused man named Michel from Quebec about his work with an etrike to make libraries more accessible.

Check out the piece here.



Hello darlings, welcome to my blog!

Hi darlings,

Bexx/Will here. This is my first post on my blog! I decided to add a blog portion to my website because my colleagues and friends tend to ask, “what are all the projects you are engaged with again?” So this will be where I share more about what I am working on.

More soon,